Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miral Al-tahawy

Like Al-aswany's Chicago, Brooklyn Heights by Al-tahawy presents the much discussed theme of America's Arab immigrants. Being a writer from a traditional village background, Al-tahawy's writing experience can be inspiring to some, as it is felt in her words from a talk with India's Frontline:

'Once my short stories were published and I began receiving acclaim and complimentary reviews, then translators began visiting me. My mother looked at me as if I was someone important. She thinks I am abnormal, but she also thinks that it is possible to be talented. She wonders why I put her in my books. But that is not the only relationship that I put in my books. It is all my experience. It is a very hard relationship with my mother as she cannot make distance between her dream and me. She cannot understand this image about myself. She affects something… my self-confidence. This in turn affects my relationships. It takes time to discover myself and writing gives me that self-confidence to do so' (Cited in Qualey 12/11/10).

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